Personal Training

I'm a network systems analyst by trade, but have had the good fortune to work with two amazing personal trainers along the way. The Internet doesn't have the room I would need to express the gratitude I owe them for saving my life.

Nannette Johnstone - IAAR Fitness



Nannette was my first trainer, and we worked together from February 2005 until December 2007. She approved the training plans and diet that I use, structured a workout program that was tailored to my goals, and took up triathlons herself in an effort to better learn the sport. Visit her at It's all about results - get yours!


Zoe Albright -


Zoe (pictured on the right) worked with me directly in 2008 and continues to inform and advise my training as my Pilates instructor. She's a member of the board of the Las Vegas Track Club and specializes in endurance running events. (She's working on a 50-mile distance race for April of 2010.) No matter your level of fitness or experience, Zoe can make you a stronger person and a better athlete. She can be reached at

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