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Welcome to, a way to keep people posted on everything I'm up to at the moment. If you've known me your whole life, or for a few minutes during which I probably talked too fast as I told you to visit, I certainly appreciate you stopping by.

I'm usually doing about four things at once - writing, training, working, and listening. I've had the chance to have some incredible experiences and meet some amazing people, and here's where I tell people about it.

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Chicago Triathlon

On every level you can possibly imagine, it was a great time! I was seven minutes and 5 seconds faster than last year, finished in the 81st percentile of swimmers, and got back to the busy part of my triathlon season in fine fashion. There's a little time to celebrate. Not a lot, but a little; that's what I'm doing.


stick computer typing blood angry mad dead animated gifs

At the moment I'm working on three separate book projects. My goal is to write 4000 words a week towards any one of them, but the primary one is my self-designed diet and fitness program, "You've Got right Now". If I complete this goal, I post a short excerpt of what I've been working on. If I don't, I'll answer a question provided by you, the reader - the third one that shows up in the Inbox. I check it out Fridays at 9 PM Pacific and have to finish the 500 words by midnight.

You can browse the blog here, at Working Out The Bugs; you can submit your questions here. Thanks for your help!


November 8 is the Silverman Triathlon, and I'm entered for the second time in the half-Ironman distance (1.2 mile swim, 56 miles on the bike, and a 13.1 mile run. The race finishes three miles from my home, and takes place on the training areas I use during the season. I'm excited that one of my hometown races has been dubbed "North America's Toughest Triathlon" and can't wait to run it again.


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